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Electronics Recycling in Phoenix and Scottsdale


Phoenix Computer Recycle is built on decades of experience, we have optimized the electronics recycling and repurposing process. We are committed to protecting your data and the environment with a zero-landfill policy. We RECYCLE the rest. 

We are a zero-landfill company. There is no need to waste time and money with multiple vendors and processes. One call to Phoenix Computer & Electronic Recycle and we will create a recycling plan specific to your needs. We service companies large and small, government agencies and municipalities, and even provide recycling support for local residents.


Our Recycling Process


Nationwide ITAD Program

Free pick up

We COLLECT, with no pickup fee, all materials from your business. Our team is R2 trained and fully insured. We do all the work. We provide pallet and wrapping services as needed. Sensitive components "such as in data centers" are carefully disassembled to ensure the total security of your data. All is packed and secured and delivered directly to our facility. Our nationwide shipping partners provide the same service across the country.

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Assest Managment

Electronic recycling tracking

We SORT and weigh all your recycling at our facility and provide you with a breakdown of all the materials that have been collected. We TRACK your items using our industry-leading Inventory Management System from the moment they enter our facility to their final destination. We are the only company that provides this kind of complete transparency throughout the process.



4 Step destruction

We ERASE Any data bearing device – including those in printers. Data is completely erased using a 4-step process that exceeds even Department of Defense standards. Protecting your data is our first priority. We provide serialized data-wipe certification upon request.



We Recycle it all!

Computers, servers, laptops, tablets, notebooks,I-Pads and all computing devices, Computer peripherals such as keyboards, cords,wires, cables and computer mice, Cell phones and telephones, Printers, scanners, fax machines, Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Data Center Technology, Flat screen computer monitors

Copiers, Printers, Hand-held Electronic Devices, Stereos and speakers, Battery backup systems, Televisions - newer, flat panel LED and LCD, Cameras and all video cameras, Computer game assemblies, CD players, DVD players, Specialized electronic equipment, Rear Projection TV's , And much, much MORE!


Our Services

Environmentally Friendly Services For a Cleaner Planet

Computer Recycle

At Phoenix Computer Recycle, We are a full-service recycling provider. We accept all recyclables including electronic items from computers to cell phones. This includes cell phones, batteries, televisions, cameras, DVD players, and more. We cannot accept kitchen appliances.

Recycling Pickup

At Phoenix Computer Recycle, we strive to keep the environment clean through our wide range of services. Our Recycling Pickup services were designed to simplify the recycling process for residents in Arizona . Contact us today to schedule a pick up today!


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